Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy Friday!

Whew. It's been a BUSY month! The hubs and I took the boat out to Seldovia for the 4th of July, on the 6th, we flew to Colorado Springs for a friends wedding, we got a chance to visit with my sister before we flew home (butt crack early) on the 11th (also our 1 year anniversary). On the morn of the 18th Lil Bit deployed and that evening I had the semi-finals for kickball (we are currently ranked 2nd-w00t!). Last wedding of the summer is this Saturday.

 Double whew. I need a break...and a beer. Maybe two and a nice lawn chair with fancy superstar sunglasses.

 I might go into detail of the Seldovia/Colorado trip later. Depends if I pull pictures off the drive because I'm lazy (ahem...too busy) that way.

 So onto today's play list.

"Dive Right In" - Story of the Year- Just heard them on the radio last week and had to check them out on itunes. Good lyric/rage/growl ratio.

"Manifesto No. 1"- Shooter Jennings-the son of Waylon Jennings. One of my top five favorite musicians. One of his tunes is actually "our song".

"Butterfly" - Mason Jennings - Laid back style. Puts on a good concert. Dropped out of high school and and is successful. My favorite of his tunes is "Adrien".

"Banditos"- The Refreshments- LOVE! I heard they had a new cd come out in February but haven't given it a listen yet.

"Shake That" - Eminem - Yea I love Eminem. This song makes my feminist principals toss a fit...while I'm bouncing along to the words and tune. I used to dance to this at a club named Eden in the Springs. It's great to get everyone ready for club hopping. Eminem is... yeah. I get mocked but I really admire him for his music and how hard he's worked.

 Time for me to get back to work.
Happy weekend everyone!

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