Friday, July 1, 2011

In Recovery

Whew...still in recovery from Tuesday. Got home from work Wednesday and went straight to bed and it's been like that since. Looks like I'm losing the battle as I picked up the family's cold.

They say "fish and house guests stink after three days" I totally agree, especially when they leave you with a summer cold. I actually had a nice time visiting with R. After his trip to the ER he might never come back to visit.

 My boss decided to reward those of us who came into work prior to the long weekend.
Lookie what I got!

Yea I got no idea what it is either.

 Japanese soda pop that's lychee flavored. It also has operating instructions.

 1. Remove seal from top
2. Detach the plunger from the center of the cap
3. Place the plunger on top of the bottle
4. Press down firmly with the base of your palm to release the marble
5. Throw away the seal cap and plunger
6. Have fun drinking!

 Entirely complicated and strangely tasty.  Who knew!?

Lychee Tree
On to my play list!

Besoin De Rien- The Hellboys - French Rock/punk- I came across this band via author Stephanie Perkins
It Takes Two- Rob Base &DJ EZ Rock - I totally thought up until this moment that one of the rappers  was  Marky Mark.  Whoops!
Hey Ya! - OutKast- Know for being the front runners of the Southern hip hop movement. Sued by Rosa Parks in 1999.
Crazy Beautiful Child - Anne McCue- Australian and great in concert.
Addicted To Love - Robert Palmer
 ├ćnima - Tool - Buell Theatre, Denver, CO May 10, 2006- One of craziest nights of my life. Sometimes all you need is a little Tool to get your through the day...or rush hour.

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