Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Go Team!

We had our third game last night at 9:00 p.m. While we lost, 5:7 it was much fun. We might have played better if half of our team had not spent the previous hour(s) at the dubious Crossroads Lounge getting their Pabst on.

We lost a man due to a facial/sliding/nailed in the face injury and I never made it to second base.
The team we played were lousy base blockers but had cute girlies in short shorts so the Ref missed more than a few calls.

Shucks, half my team was mesmerized as well.

Long night = a long day here at work. Must nap soon.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Adventures at the E.R.

My weekend started off quite nicely. It was Friday, I'd just gotten off of work, returned some books to the library, it was 70 degrees outside and I had the windows down listening to my ipod on my way home.

Then I notice my husband running down the street with dog in tow. Not a normal occurrence...the running. He flags me down and tells me to drive down to the bog immediately. That R. (his cousin-our visiting house guest) is having some sort of reaction and we need to go pick him up asap.

As I'm tearing thorough the neighborhood driving 50mph, hubby is telling me about the large white welts that just started appearing all over R's body and that he was having dizzy spells. Being a man however, R. tells hubby that he's ok-just needs to sit for a few and a ride back to the house.

We arrive at the park entrance and I see R. laying on the park bench. He is non responsive and has laboured breathing. Thank the Gods I had my epi-pen in my purse! I hit him with the pen and called 911. It took about five min for the ambulance and fire truck to arrive and we spent about six hours at the emergency room.
The ER doc said I probably saved R's life.

I've never used a pen before..I've got one because I have a oh-shit-that's-a-crazy-allergy! The pen I used actually would have expired in July 2011.

Black Pepper- my personal kryptonite

After that it was a fairly quiet weekend. R. was recovering from the experience so that nixed all of our guest plans. I spend some time with my circle celebrating the solstice and managed to wash a houseful of clothes.

 Hope you all had a more cheerful few days than I did.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Things That Make My World Go Round

# 1- The maintenance crew is out cutting grass and I am happily sniffing in my office.
If I could find a perfume that mixed the smell of fresh cut grass and rosemary I would be olfactory set for life.

Via http://pmtips.net/project-smell-fresh-cut-grass/

Hm...going to have to google and see if I can come up with that mix. It's a quiet day here in Alaska land, the clouds are hanging low and we rocked a 5.2 earthquake about two hours ago. Not that I noticed, I was too busy at the P&E desk sweet talking a Sgt. into making photo copies for me.

# 2 - Beer. Specifically dark beer. Three of my favorites are Laughing Lab out of Bristol Brewing Co. in Colorado (I'm shipping some back to AK)

Rapture, made by the Kodiak Island Brewing Co. It's a chocolaty-coffee porter and I asked for an off island delivery come birthday time and Black Butte Porter.

# 3 - Dessert. I rate restaurants by the strength of their desserts. Give me a good creme brulee, bread pudding, chocolate pizza or mud pie and I am puddy in your hands.

# 4- Books and bookstores. Really this should be number one but I've run out of room! Four bookcases full and piles leaning against the wall (This is after I purged my collection) sad or scary...you decide.

#5- A good road trip. I once spent two months driving from AK to Co. I visited every natl. park, vomited through Hwy 1, slept under the redwoods, camped on the beach and climbed the Rockies.

#6- Natural hot springs. Hanging out under the stars watching the milky way with a beer in hand + warm water? Yea, my idea of heaven. I plan on driving out to Mt. Princeton while I'm in CO for a soak.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rainy Day Music

"Everything's Not Lost" - Coldplay- So the only song I know of Coldplay's is "Yellow" It's on every mix-cd  any guy has ever made me. Seriously, every SINGLE cd. Best memorie of this song was dancing out in the pouring rain under a pavilion at night next to the ocean. The dater in secured himself another date and set a high bar for spontaneous romantic gesture. Neat bit's o'fact regarding Coldplay- the band has rules!

 Inspired by bands like U2 and R.E.M., Coldplay decided that they would operate as democracy, and that profits would be shared equally. Additionally, the band determined they would fire anyone who used hard drugs.During the early years, Coldplay became widely known in the media for giving 10 percent of the band's profits to charity, which they continue to do. Practices I could get behind.

"Mushaboom"- by singer Feist. Hey look it's another Canadian! (Just found that out) I first heard this song while watching 500 Days Of Summer.  I love the lyrics- It's how I feel.

 But in the meantime I've got it hard
Second floor living without a yard
It may be years until the day
My dreams will match up with my pay

Old dirt road
Knee deep snow
Watching the fire as we grow old

I got a man to stick it out
And make a home from a rented house
And we'll collect the moments one by one
I guess that's how the future's done

"Never Forget You"- Noisettes - I hear they put on a rowdy show. No idea where I picked this song up but my ipod loves it.

"In My Time of Need"- Ryan Adams-  Adams has produced albums by Jesse Malin and Willie Nelson and worked with artists including Counting Crows, Weezer, Norah Jones, America, Minnie Driver, Cowboy Junkies, Leona Naess, Toots & the Maytals, Beth Orton and Krista Polvere. He's married to singer and actress Mandy Moore who I girl crush on.

"A Day Without Rain" - Enya- The title seemed fitting as I sit here starting out at grey sky's. Everyone knows her music-she lives in Ireland, in a castle and loves cats. Hm. Well, I wouldn't mind the living in Ireland bit.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


I've got such a craving for popsicles lately but am too cheap to buy them at the store.
Besides I want a blood orange-sicle and who makes those?

It's starting to warm up around here and I'm kicking around the idea of hosting our first BBQ...Hubby finished building the fence gate and we are planning on seeding the lawn  this weekend. Maybe if I get my act in gear we could party down. I'd love to host something Martha style...all matchy with vintage flair.

Week/end plans include

 Bachlorette party tonight
 Staining and assembling a side table
 Painting trim
 Shopping trip with best bud- in search for a summer dress to wear to two  three weddings
 Seed lawn
 Yoga class
 Attend local renaissance fair with co-worker

Monday, June 6, 2011


Kickball season is starting. I should find out this afternoon when we play our first game-

Our team name is the UN-TOUCH-A-BALLS. *g* I wish! Last year's team didn't do too badly...we made it to the tournament and I only got pegged once or twice.

It's amusing how excited I get about going out on the field and making a big doof of myself but really...it's a rush.

Another score is the one I made at my uncle's house this weekend. I came across a dresser and matching side table from the 1950's (?) that were left to rot in an old shed on his property. They are in amazing condition considering and I've already relocated them to my garage.  I will try and post a picture or two later this week. Did I mention the matching mirror?

 Art deco/post modern eat your heart out!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Murder By Death

Murder By Death

Live at Sturgis


 Not to go all fan-girl but they are coming to TOWN!

*Massive squee'ing and mini break dance fest*

Going home at lunch to buy tickets! June 23rd at 8:00 p.m. for a five four show.

Check out their homepage- oh wait! That's MY state on their front page!


 Would 314 miles and an 8 hour drive be excessive? I'm thinking of driving to McCarthy to see a second show. At $20 tickets I can't go wrong.

Anchorage to McCarthy

Have I mentioned the road in is heinous? Like, bring a couple extra tires and make sure you have good ground clearance and a oh shit strap?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Weekend in photo's

View from the harbour Kodiak, AK 2011

Lunch! I ate a couple of pounds of crab

Aunty #2 and I-Food is always better on a stick

Historical home- Russian

Russian Orthodox Seminary

Yup! That's me next to the 'Marie-RIP Cap't Phil

Fossil Beach - It looks like the coast of Maui when it greens up

Workplace Alerts

 E-mail notice sent out to the facility today.

Please use caution around the Detention Parking Lot … 
A moose and her two babies are wandering in that area.

It's nice when the biggest challenge of my day is the local wildlife *yes, I mean animals, not our clients*