Monday, August 29, 2011

Sun, Fun & Garrison Keillor

I have to admit that this weekend was the perfect end to a summer.

 Trips to Lowe's for fence supplies, sunshine, a mini road trip with Father, Hubs and B-I-L to the state fair where we laid out on the grass and spent three hours with Garrison Keillor on his Summer Love Tour.

It was a terrific way to spend a Sunday.  The beer was cold, Garrison and Fred Newman were hysterically funny *have I mentioned how dirty he *Garrison* has gotten in his advanced age?!* and the sun was shining. So much in fact, I'm sporting a lobster-do and raccoon eyes from my shades. Sarah Watkins and Heather Masse have amazing voices and it was great quality time with my family.

August 28, 2011

Summer Love Tour: Around the Bend, like a majestic Eagle

PHC staffer Nic Vetter is on the Summer Love Tour with Garrison, Fred Newman, Andra Suchy, Heather Masse, Sara Watkins, and The Guy's All-Star Shoe Band and will update us periodically from the road.

"As we descended through the cirrus clouds over Alaska, it was an amazing sight of vast natural beauty for miles and miles and miles -- the greens are greener and the glaciers are so huge and white and you can tell the water is clear from 5,000 feet above. Pat pointed out that he must have counted at least 10,000 lakes in just a 50 square mile radius, which kind of makes our state motto seem slightly pathetic in comparison. We'll just have to see how their State Fair holds up to ours, which as far as I know, is the best. Stay tuned."

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