Monday, August 22, 2011

The waiting begins

Waiting to hear

Ah, so I interviewed for a new position last Friday. I'm surprised to say that the process was less grueling than expected. That might be because my previous boss was the Queen of Interviews and had me well trained.

 I was given an hour for my interview, seated before a panel of three supervisors (one of whom is my current boss) and was asked nine questions (with three sub questions each). I finished in about half an hour. I think I had a good rapport with my current boss and the potential boss- got them to laugh once and I made sure that I directed my answers toward the potential boss as it pertained to the Behavioral Health Unit. I also wrote down key points of their questions so I didn't have to ask them to repeat the questions.

Since I've been studying for this position the last three weeks, talking with members of that unit and sleuthing out all the organizational data I could find the questions seemed pretty on point for me.  I had a moment of word salad and I'm hoping that won't nix me from the running.

There is one last interview to be conducted tomorrow and we should all hear back from the Unit Supervisor next Monday.

My +'s
 - BA in Justice
 - 4+ years with the Intake Unit
 - Member of several work groups
 - Back in school to obtain a CBH Certificate (job education)
 - I have most of the computer/physical/departmental training that would be needed to fill the position-above the other candidates

Since these positions are an internal hire I'm competing with a few folk from the facility and they might have seniority within the Union and Department as well as hands on training working with mental health juveniles.

Now it's out of my hands. I'll just sit back, remain cheerful and get my work done. 

 And not pull a Scrat. However tempted.

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