Wednesday, November 30, 2011

and baby makes 3...errr...5!

Baby incubating is coming along just fine. I'm about to enter week 15 which is exciting because it means we are out of the first trimester and our danger of miscarriage is much, much less. Something I am very happy about considering my history.

While my belly is growing, lots of the less than pleasant symptoms of pregnancy are fading. I actually got to eat, and keep down all of our Thanksgivinging feast. We had 10 people for dinner, used two tables pushed together and there was entirely too much food.

So much that our fridge is still stocked to the brim six day's later.

Anyone for leftovers?

While the Aunties were in town we visited Babies R Us and started a registry for Mini H-R. My BIL, who is now a seasoned parent took a look at the list and let me know what we needed to add/nix. If the hub and I had our way we'd be buying 90% of baby stuff used. The family on the other hand... *shock* USED?!?!

 They think we're crazy. We think it's just stuff and we'd rather help re-use and be financially responsible.

Have I mentioned hub and I aren't a fan of stuff?

Mini H-R should be here around May 2012 and I think it's pretty neat how many people are already rooting for this little one. It gives me warm fuzzies to know that if anything ever happens to me, this wee one will be well loved by people I care deeply about.

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