Friday, November 4, 2011

It's Friday

A long, cold, snowy day stretches in front of me and (unsurprisingly) all I want to do is nap. Curl up beneath my down comforter and snooze the hours away.

Part of it is pregnancy, part is that I hate being cold and the seasonal affective disorder. Which is lame. Especially since I'm banned from all prescribed substances that might help.

It's going to be a busy weekend  at Casa by the Road.

Friday- We are celebrating an early birthday tonight for my niece who will turn two after her mom returns to Afghanistan which happens on Sunday. Lil Bit pulled an early leave slip and has spent the last two weeks bonding with her baby and husband and eating at all of her fav. food spots). It's going to be very difficult and emotional for all of us when she gets back on that plane. We won't see her again for another 9 months.

Saturday-  Library Book Sale! Happens twice a year and should be considered a holiday. Rooms and rooms FULL of books! Books for sale at a very reasonable price. On Sunday everything is 50% off. *swoon* Then it's off to a pre-natal swim class where my ass will be floated to me and then a big family dinner to say goodbye to Lil Bit.

Sunday - Seeing Lil Bit off at the airport at 6 a.m., making plans with my little, baking a plum cake and then a massive nap to make up for skipping Fri/Sat's naps. Also picking out new carpet for the nursery and our bedroom.

 I sure do live a boring life.

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