Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday again

Blogspot ate my post.

I was having a hard time writing it so I will take this as a sign. Then again, I've fallen out of the use of words which doesn't mean I should remain mute.

I took this picture last summer out of Seward, Alaska. We try to spend half of our weekends out on the water, it almost makes up for six months of winter. I ruptured both of my eardrums back in 2006 and since then I get motion sickness so being on the water is medicated balancing act. Too much Dramamine and I'm a drooling passed out mess and too little- well...I spend the day chumming.

My husband owns a boat that he started saving for when he was five years old. I'm lucky in many respects, I get a chance to side share his passion for fishing and I get to be out on the water watching whales and poking around small coastal towns.

Cruise Ship leaving port. Seward, AK

Rainbow over Vo-Tech, Seward, AK

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