Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hot Mess and Married Joy

So found out last night that I am once again not pregnant. Not only that but my period is a week early. I was having all these early signs too.... Like I swelled up to a triple-delux-DD version of Pamela Anderson and they were so tender I couldnt even sleep on my belly.


I spent all that time and money preventing a pregnancy in my twentys but now that I am in my thirties and trying it's not happening.  My lady doctor told me that if we didn't conceive after six months then we should come back in for an appointment and we are on month five. I've been off bc for a year and off my meds for five months.

I'm so not patient. *g*

I was down on myself about not being a fertile myrtle and needed a cuddle from P. Of course I didn't tell him I needed a cuddle (he's all boat preoccupied) I told him I feel like a very unattractive hippo who is NOT pregnant ...then I cried. Then he fell asleep while I was crying on him.


Hormones kind of suck.

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