Thursday, June 16, 2011

Things That Make My World Go Round

# 1- The maintenance crew is out cutting grass and I am happily sniffing in my office.
If I could find a perfume that mixed the smell of fresh cut grass and rosemary I would be olfactory set for life.


Hm...going to have to google and see if I can come up with that mix. It's a quiet day here in Alaska land, the clouds are hanging low and we rocked a 5.2 earthquake about two hours ago. Not that I noticed, I was too busy at the P&E desk sweet talking a Sgt. into making photo copies for me.

# 2 - Beer. Specifically dark beer. Three of my favorites are Laughing Lab out of Bristol Brewing Co. in Colorado (I'm shipping some back to AK)

Rapture, made by the Kodiak Island Brewing Co. It's a chocolaty-coffee porter and I asked for an off island delivery come birthday time and Black Butte Porter.

# 3 - Dessert. I rate restaurants by the strength of their desserts. Give me a good creme brulee, bread pudding, chocolate pizza or mud pie and I am puddy in your hands.

# 4- Books and bookstores. Really this should be number one but I've run out of room! Four bookcases full and piles leaning against the wall (This is after I purged my collection) sad or decide.

#5- A good road trip. I once spent two months driving from AK to Co. I visited every natl. park, vomited through Hwy 1, slept under the redwoods, camped on the beach and climbed the Rockies.

#6- Natural hot springs. Hanging out under the stars watching the milky way with a beer in hand + warm water? Yea, my idea of heaven. I plan on driving out to Mt. Princeton while I'm in CO for a soak.

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