Monday, June 6, 2011


Kickball season is starting. I should find out this afternoon when we play our first game-

Our team name is the UN-TOUCH-A-BALLS. *g* I wish! Last year's team didn't do too badly...we made it to the tournament and I only got pegged once or twice.

It's amusing how excited I get about going out on the field and making a big doof of myself but's a rush.

Another score is the one I made at my uncle's house this weekend. I came across a dresser and matching side table from the 1950's (?) that were left to rot in an old shed on his property. They are in amazing condition considering and I've already relocated them to my garage.  I will try and post a picture or two later this week. Did I mention the matching mirror?

 Art deco/post modern eat your heart out!

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