Monday, June 27, 2011

Adventures at the E.R.

My weekend started off quite nicely. It was Friday, I'd just gotten off of work, returned some books to the library, it was 70 degrees outside and I had the windows down listening to my ipod on my way home.

Then I notice my husband running down the street with dog in tow. Not a normal occurrence...the running. He flags me down and tells me to drive down to the bog immediately. That R. (his cousin-our visiting house guest) is having some sort of reaction and we need to go pick him up asap.

As I'm tearing thorough the neighborhood driving 50mph, hubby is telling me about the large white welts that just started appearing all over R's body and that he was having dizzy spells. Being a man however, R. tells hubby that he's ok-just needs to sit for a few and a ride back to the house.

We arrive at the park entrance and I see R. laying on the park bench. He is non responsive and has laboured breathing. Thank the Gods I had my epi-pen in my purse! I hit him with the pen and called 911. It took about five min for the ambulance and fire truck to arrive and we spent about six hours at the emergency room.
The ER doc said I probably saved R's life.

I've never used a pen before..I've got one because I have a oh-shit-that's-a-crazy-allergy! The pen I used actually would have expired in July 2011.

Black Pepper- my personal kryptonite

After that it was a fairly quiet weekend. R. was recovering from the experience so that nixed all of our guest plans. I spend some time with my circle celebrating the solstice and managed to wash a houseful of clothes.

 Hope you all had a more cheerful few days than I did.

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  1. Glad he was alright. You are a public safety wunderkind