Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Music

So I don't know much about music and don't really follow "stars" but I'm finding with these playlist's I'm starting to research who I listen to. Maybe someday I won't be a pop culture fail.

"M" by Duffy
"Break Me Out" by The Rescues - they sing and play. Fancy that! Their songs end up on tv shows.
"Give You Hell" by All American Rejects - I love this song! Because I KNOW when my ex hears it he's thinking of me...but ya know? I've got that white picket fence and a man who treats me well...I'm the lucky one in this equation.
"I Come From The Water" by The Toadies - 1992 baby! Yea! Boy was I a cool 12 year old.
"Loser" By Beck - 1993 - Beck a high school dropout who made it big. He's also a  Scientology, has a daughter named Tuesday.

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