Thursday, May 5, 2011

Life List- Being a Big with BBBS

Bigs & Littles at Eklutna Lake

I've been actively volunteering since I was thirteen years old for a variety of reasons but it wasn't until 2003 that I got turned on to Big Brothers, Big Sisters. I'd always felt that it only took one person at the right time to help shape a life but I wasn't sure I could be that person. In 2008 after a cross-country move, a messy divorce and a life rebuild I decided to call the local office to see if they needed a warm body.

 They did and I was matched with a terrific little girl who had a horrible home life. (LK = Little K) There was State involvement with the family going back two generations. Several children with different fathers living in a broken down unheated trailer, kids had spent time in foster care, and dealt with their parents various addictions. LK was only seven when I met her and what a firecracker of a kid. She was cheerful, optimistic and you couldn't help but love her. We were matched for just over a year when her mother went off the rails and the kids were placed out of State with the youngest's biological father.

I was devastated. I withdrew my name from the program.

Then I got a call. There was a little boy who really wanted a big sister.

We've been together ever since. DZ is made of cool. He can bust a move, quote music lyrics, drags me to see god-awful chipmunk movies and bakes a mean batch of cookies, plus he's king of the rink-skates circles around me.

 So yea. BBBS is a great program and it has definitely impacted my life.

 You should check it out :)

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  1. I was a Big for 3 years in Boston. His name is Carlton and he has Aspergers. Wow, what a challenge. But in the end, I enjoyed every minute of it.