Monday, May 23, 2011

My favorite place in state

The harbour in early spring

Kodiak is my favorite place in all of Alaska  It's a small island off the coast of Alaska, home to about 6,000 residents (which includes the Coasties). I fly over to visit at least once a year- generally in the summer months or to help kick off  memorial weekend and the Kodiak Crab Festival.

Which includes a county fair- lot's of carnival rides that are even more fun in the rain, food and game booths, and group activities. The City council also hosts a  kayak race, a marathon, an ultra-marathon, a 9.2-mile (14.8 km) mountain run called the Pillar Mountain Run. I get a kick out of attending the rodeo and entering the rubber ducky water race. Oh and the crab....

I'm lucky that I spent allot of time out on the island while growing up. We ran around like wild things despite all of the local wildlife. Beach combing for sea glass out at White Sands, Fossil hunting out in Pasagshak, kayaking, horseback riding and of!
The Aunty and I getting our fish on.

Originally inhabited by Alutiiq  (Aleut's) natives for over 7000 years, the city was settled in the 18th century by Russian immigrants and became the capital of Russian Alaska. There's a new exhibit at the Alutiiq museum that I've been itching to see and more pictographs were found last summer. I'm glad I minored in history!

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