Wednesday, May 11, 2011

In which I make a workplace enemy/ Drama Drama

Ok so I work for Juvenile Probation. My office is located in a secure building that houses juvenile defendants.

So effectively I work in a youth correction facility.

Kiddie Jail.

Something one of my co-workers just can't seem to wrap her brain around. She's a nice lady, has been employed with us these last six months, very friendly, seems to fit in with one exception.

She can't seem to stay in contact with her facility keys. She leaves them EVERYWHERE.

According to P&P those keys should NEVER be off your person or removed from the facility. 'Cause you know- should they fall into the wrong hands...or get lost. It would cost our Department around 10 grand to re-key the facility. Not to mention the safety risk. While we house juveniles that doesn't mean they are safe. We've had murders, armed robbers and just about everything else you would expect to come across in the adult population. Wait...did I mention rapist's? We've got lots of those.

Myself and the three other women who trained her have warned her multiple times and it came to a head about three weeks ago I handed her key's off to my then supervisor(she retired) and explained to her the issue.

Well ditz for brains did it again(probably multiple times- I just happened to catch it today) We have more traffic thought our office that the rest of the facility because we handle intake appointments and monitor those minors that are on probation. We have a cleaning crew that comes through our offices- and that crew is composed of our *ta-da* you guessed it- youthful friends.

So she walked off on break and left her keys sitting out at the front desk.

*bangs head against wall*

So I took them to my new supervisor...and popped off at the mouth a bit. Needles to say...he's new. He had no idea what the frack was going on.

Bad on me. Explained situation, explained why I was so frustrated.

And now she is giving me looks of death and won't speak to me.

It's not like she's got a fucking leg to stand on...and if this goes up the chain...
Mm'kay this would be BAD
But I did not handle this all.

Impressing new supervisor = 0
Pissing off co-worker (cause I'm tired of covering her ass) = 200 Billion
Impressing new supervisor = -5


  1. I'm not sure I understand your math at the end. But I'll just say that you probably could have introduced yourself to the new supervisor in a better way. But I wouldn't worry about pissing off the co-worker. She may be really nice and easy to get along with, but that kindness won't seem so great when you've got a 185 15-year old trying to choke you out after her keys got "misplaced" again.

    Think of this as a teachable moment and move on. Maybe you could get her a caribeener (sp?) for the keys.

  2. A very teachable moment and she is now in possesion of a retractable clip.

    There isn't much that frustrates me at work, but it's always helpful to know your hot buttons.