Saturday, May 21, 2011

My dog is an evil genius

Robbie loves his father muuuch more than he loves me, despite the fact that I saved him for getting the needle. So when husband drove off with the boat Friday night Robbie went into straight mourning mode. He lays by the front door and forgo's all his usual fun activities until his father returns.

Well, evil dog genius decided to go chasing after the boat as it was being hauled away. See, we haven't finished our fencing in the back yard. Where the gate will be there is just staked down chicken wire. Robbie pulled all four tent stakes out of the ground, wiggled under the wire and hauled ass.

I found him about an hour later two neighborhoods away.

Now I can't let him outside on his own...and he suddenly wants to spend all day outside.

But moooooooom... I'm a GOOD dog!

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